Rare Transcendental Meditation Commercial

While this clip is incredibly grainy and with terrible audio, I think it’s important to show. As many of you know, Transcendental Meditation was a very important part of Doug’s life. He found it in the very early days of his career as a calming method for his nerves, and over time it was a dominating factor in his life, work, and belief system.

His belief in the benefits of TM were so great that, it goes without saying, he left behind magic to promote it and to focus on his vision for the theme park “Veda Land.” While the subject of “Veda Land” is ripe subject matter for another post, until then enjoy this commercial for TM.

By the way, does anyone have any information on where or when this originally aired?


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  1. I’m sold. But I can’t find my White Pages!

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