Doug’s Memorial Book

Over the next couple days or so, I’m going to be posting pictures of the book that was presented to attendees of Doug’s memorial service which was held on February 20th, 2000 at the Bel-Air Hotel in Los Angeles. For more in depth information on this event please refer to Part Three of my interview with David Charvet. 

The book itself is, as you would expect, quite touching and put together in a way that blends Doug’s two distinct lives: the magic world and the TM world. As a lot of it is text, I am going to just post some highlights along with some visuals. I also apologize in advance for some lighting issues that may make some elements difficult to read. To not damage the book itself, I wasn’t able to fold pages down fully. 

The book, like Doug himself, is unique, special, and a treasured part of my collection. 

Doug Henning Memorial Service Cover
Maharishi Introduction
Remembrances from Friends and Family Part 1
Remembrances from Friends and Family Part 2
Jim Steinmeyer Remembrance Part 1
Jim Steinmeyer Remembrance Part 2

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