Happy Holidays!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know that “The Doug Henning Project” will be taking a brief hiatus over the holiday season. But, don’t worry, I’ll be returning with all new magic and wonder in January, 2023 (which is the site’s sixth year by the way). I sincerely wish everyone a joyous and…

Taking a Break!

Due to some personal obligations, “The Doug Henning Project” will be taking a little breather over the next week or so.  However, the site will return with more magic and wonder from the world of Doug Henning on Wednesday, September 9th! Mark your calendars, and please stay safe and healthy out there everyone. 

A Holiday Hiatus!

  As Christmas Eve is fast approaching, it’s time for “The Doug Henning Project” to take a much needed vacation. As I head to New York City over the holidays, you can be rest assured that I will have more exciting and rare Doug articles for you in 2019. It is truly because of you,…

Happy Thanksgiving from “The Doug Henning Project!”

Just a quick note to let you know that I will be traveling in Ireland over the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, and will be taking a break from the site until Monday, November 26th.  Until then, Happy Holidays and try not to eat too much turkey!  With Magic and Wonder,  Neil McNally    

Doug Henning Barbados Postcard

The above postcard is rare in the sense that it is a direct remnant of Doug’s trip to Barbados as a teenager. After his first television appearance, Doug decided to take advantage of a free flight to Barbados due to his father being an airline pilot. Yes it’s good to have perks.  While performing magic…