Doug’s Memorial Book: David Charvet Interview

The following is a reprint of the October 1999 “Magic” Magazine interview that David Charvet conducted with Doug shortly before his death.  Doug was so proud and happy with the interview that it was reprinted in full within his memorial booklet.  To Be Continued… Special Thanks to David Charvet

Doug’s Memorial Book: Part 2

As you look at the following pictures, it easy to note how much Doug affected people and continues to do so today. It certainly is a testament to what he accomplished in his short, but prolific life.    Back Cover

David Charvet’s Doug Henning Photo Collection

In addition to giving a great interview, David also provided me with a trove of pictures illustrating the process in setting up the interview with Doug, a gift Doug gave him, and items from Doug’s memorial service in Beverly Hills. All of these really do paint a unique and touching picture of David’s interactions with Doug…