Martin Short on “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”

Just a quick heads up that if you’re craving a bit of Martin Short and Doug Henning, then look no further than the current season of Jerry Seinfeld’s”Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” on Netflix. The episode itself is focused on a day in LA with Martin Short. While I wholeheartedly suggest you watch the whole…

Martin Short Tonight Show Appearance-May 14, 1992

In my never ending quest to find more footage of Martin Short performing his spot on impersonation of Doug, I came across this “Tonight Show” appearance from May 14, 1992. As Carson’s reign on the “Tonight Show” ended that month and year, this was more than likely Short’s final appearance on the show. What better way…

1985 Saturday Night Live Sketch-Martin Short as Doug

To make your weekend even better I thought I’d post a link to this vintage Saturday Night Live sketch from January 12, 1985. In it, Billy Crystal plays Joe Franklin hosting, appropriately, “The Joe Franklin Show.” However, this sketch wouldn’t be on this website if it wasn’t for Martin Short’s brilliant impersonation of Doug. The…

The History of Martin Short’s Doug Henning

Who doesn’t love Martin Short’s impersonation of Doug? Aside from being dead on accurate, it’s still remembered to this day as one of the best he’s ever done. Maybe that’s because Short actually knew his subject all too well. You see, Martin Short attended college with Ivan Reitman and Doug at McMaster University up in Canada….

Martin Short is Doug Henning!!!

  Although a website is based on words, sometimes they’re just not necessary. Enjoy this hilarious clip of Martin Short as Doug from 1985’s appropriately named “Martin Short Comedy Special!” Special Thanks to Willy Cheyenne.