The Baffler Magazine: “Real Magic” Doug Article


Happy New Year everyone, and welcome to 2023! It’s great to be back into the swing of things, and starting the site’s 6th year.

This was a longer than expected break, due to myself and family catching COVID over the holiday season. We’re all okay now, but it was definitely not what we were expecting in our stocking this year. So, if my posts seem to get out of the gate a little slowly this week, I ask for your patience. 

However, I wanted to begin with a new article on Doug and the TM movement that is currently being featured in the newest issue of the magazine “Baffler.” It’s a fascinating read by writer Lauren Colle, and one that apparently my website was utilized in the piece’s research. I didn’t find this out until she wrote me last week after its publication. But, as always, I’m happy to help, and am grateful that my website is used as a research tool. 

So, please enjoy this article via the link below. Be sure to click on “Real Magic:”

Real Magic

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