Spanish Language “Magic Show” Poster

The images below are from a Spanish language production of “The Magic Show” that appears to have been from 1975 (month/dates unknown.) 

The production also starred popular Mexican actor and comedian Manuel Valdes (1931-2020), listed here as Manuel “Loco” Valdes. However, anything past this is up to your imagination, as photos from the production itself are as illusive as Bigfoot. 

However, I did find this peculiar translated quote from a critic of the time of Valdes in the Doug role:

“We must not forget Manuel “Loco” Valdés, who for most of the public has been the maximum attraction. Even I, who can’t stand the craziness of the “Loco”, I have to admit that this time he was much saner than usual, that is, more of an actor and less usual. And there is no denying that he is a talented actor. Only he and Leonorilda Ochoa demonstrated histrionic knowledge. (The Day , 1975)”

Special thanks to the Instagram account: @oscarapia

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