Barbara Walters Program: James Randi, Mark Wilson, and Doug

The above rare clips come from the James Randi Foundation, and features commentary from the Amazing Randi himself. The clips in question hail from his appearance on the Barbara Walters morning program “Not For Women Only.”

While the program featured Randi and “psychic” Uri Geller predominantly, Doug is seen throughout observing on the side with magician Mark Wilson. It’s definitely worth a watch, as it shows Doug just being an enthusiastic observer to the Amazing Randi’s, well, amazingness. Enjoy!

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  1. bhlumley says:

    Doug sawed her in half on the Tuesday, I believe the Randi taping was on the Wednesday, on the last taping Mark Wilson performed a levitation with Walters.
    The debunking was serious, Randi was prepared to get his assistant Peter DePaula into the act as well. Henning did not like the idea of sneaking into dressing rooms and put the kybosh to the plan.
    The production assistant Randi was complaining about in the video, went to Tannens and bought a Spooky from a display touting it as one of Henning’s best tricks. This was the illusion Doug was going to do on Walter’s show on the last day. The assistant disclosed the trick to Walters in front of the live audience thwarting Henning’s opportunity to do it on TV. Immediately after the show, Mr.Henning had words to say to the shop owners about illusion exposure.


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