Louie Foxx Collection: Signed Playbill and Photo w/Doug

The following items come from magician Louie Fox who was kind enough to share them with me. They represent kind of a grab bag of items: one is an autograph not meant for him, but the other is a photograph a lot of us wish we could have been in. 

The “Playbill” featured above was obviously from Doug’s days performing in “The Magic Show.” 

However, the Max and Salli in question are Max and Salli Hapner, magicians once based primarily out of Colorado. The duo were very prominent at the amusement park”Santa’s Village” there, and in school assemblies across the country. As you can see, Doug himself thought their act was “Wonder-Full,” and who am I to argue with that. 

The above photo was taken of Louie with Doug in Seattle (circa 1999). I don’t have much context as to where it was specifically taken. But, due to the magic based art behind the two, this was clearly of the period where Doug was re-emerging on the magic scene. 

As I told Louie, what a great memory and experience to have to be sure!

Special Thanks to Louie Foxx (www.louiefoxx.com)

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