CAM JAM w/ Chip Romero this Wednesday!

Hey everyone! It’s great to be rested and relaxed after a week off and back in action. Let’s get to it!

I’m particularly excited about today’s post as it features a very special live event this coming Wednesday, April 14th at 8pm EST.

The Society of Canadian Magicians will be featuring Henning collector extraordinaire Chip Romero  on their April CAM JAM Zoom meeting, and boy will it be a site to behold. 

I had the great pleasure of talking with Chip this morning on the phone, and just listening to what he has in store for everyone is a once in a lifetime Doug Henning fan’s dream! As I’m bound to secrecy, all I can do is strongly encourage everyone to attend Wednesday. In addition, Chip will be showing items from Dai Vernon as well. 

As over 500 people are currently registered, this is sure to be one of the biggest Henning events of 2021! See you there!

To RSVP, please click: HERE



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