Fickle Nickel Friday: Original Jumbo Half Prop

Today’s item comes from Joe Long’s collection, and is the original jumbo half that Doug produced at the end of “World of Magic” 75’s “Fickle Nickel” illusion. 

The opening of  Doug’s first special could have opened in any number of ways. But, rather than opting for a giant spectacle Doug chose the quiet subtlety of the “Fickle Nickel” illusion to introduce himself to the 50 million people tuning in that evening.

Unfortunately, the “Fickle Nickel” as performed by Doug is not currently available on You Tube or other online avenues. But, for many of you out there, I’m pretty sure the illusion is seared into your collective consciousness. But, nonetheless here’s some pictures to jog your memory if you need a refresher.

Doug’s Entrance
Coin in Hand
Coin Disappears

Special Thanks to Joe Long

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  1. Gary Brown says:

    Hey Neil Do you know Charlie Reynolds story about what happened during the performance of the fickle nickel illusion? It’s amazing. If you’ve never heard it, I will share it sometime. Gary Brown

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    1. Neil McNally says:

      Would love to hear it! Thanks for writing.


  2. This is the John Cornelius Fickle Nickel. Many were blown by this trick including magicians. I bought it from Tannen’s . Was surprised how it worked. Loved performing it.


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