Vintage Las Vegas Hilton Doug Marquee

What you see above is the fabulous Las Vegas Hilton, and if you look to the bottom left “The Magical World of Doug Henning” shines bright. Well, it shines bright below Liberace, Steve Lawrence, and Eydie Gorme!

The Las Vegas Hilton, now the Westgate Las Vegas, is probably most well known for the multitude of  concerts that Elvis Presley performed there over a seven year period. However, the hotel itself has a rich history of stars that have graced its halls such as Barry Manilow, Wayne Newton, The Smothers Brothers, Charo, The Righteous Brothers, and…Starlight Express? Yes, even Andrew Lloyd Webber’s infamous musical played in residency there for a time. 

As for Doug, he had kind of mixed feelings overall in playing Vegas. The moral aspect of the city generally weighed on his conscience, and he eventually phased it out of his touring and performance schedule altogether. It speaks volumes to his reputation, that when the MGM Grand was being built in the 1990s, Doug was offered a long term multi-million dollar contract to perform in their new stage spectacle “EFX.” 

Naturally, Doug declined…

Special Thanks to Pesci Sutta

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