Would You Like to Help a Teacher Teach through Magic?

I received this very nice email today from teacher, Lee Hollman. Lee teaches at P.S.132 in Brooklyn NY, and has a request that maybe some of the many magicians out there can help him with.

He’s also a huge Doug fan, as we all are. I personally can’t think of a better way than this to push forward Doug’s message of love and positivity in these crazy times that we live in today.


I’m a Brooklyn public school teacher who teaches magic to his twin six-year-old daughters, and hopefully students next. I saw Doug perform on Broadway many years ago, and always thought that he was the best positive role model among magicians. 

I’m basically putting out an open call for anyone who’s willing to either donate tricks to our school that are easy enough for kids to learn, or might perform a virtual magic show. Feel free to pass this message around.



If you are interested in helping Lee please contact him at:


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