Rare “Magic Show” Australia Cast Film Footage

I stumbled across this gem of a clip recently and had to put it up.

While it has no sound, it is footage from the 1975 Australian production of “The Magic Show.” As you can see, Doug was not a part of this production and had handed the reigns over to actor/magician Larry Anderson. 

It’s also interesting to see alternative versions of classic scenes, and how they looked to audiences of the time.

Enjoy this four minutes of magic bliss!

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  1. Ross Skiffington says:

    Whilst it is true Larry Anderson played the role of the magician during the run of the show, I was his understudy. The original casting was not successful and for the last 2-3 weeks of rehearsal I took over the role. Sammy Bayes said to me that “Opening night is yours!” It was never to be. Larry was excellent and never missed a performance but I got to run the show every Thursday at understudy call. Ah, show business!

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