Doug Henning Toronto Plaque

Sorry for the delay in posting this week folks. Things that are decidedly un-magical, like real life, can take priority sometimes. 

Speaking of real life, this fascinating tidbit comes from the blog “Toronto Savvy.” It profiles a time when Doug wasn’t quite yet Doug. He was at a crossroads at whether to continue with schooling and forgo a life in magic, or follow his heart. Well I think we know what life had in store for him. 

It is very cool to know that Doug’s importance was so important to the community that, hey, they put up a plaque to commemorate where he lived!

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For more Toronto information please visit “Toronto Saavy” at:

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  1. bhlumley says:

    From 1972 to 1974 Doug lived on the first floor at 310 Rushton Road in Toronto. This house was built by the architect that build Casa Loma. From here he created Spellbound and this was his home when he started his negotiations with the producers of what would become The Magic Show. In 1974 he rented it to Spellbound’s Maya Goddess of Illusion. She cared for and protected the old illusions he left in the basement until he collected them in 1977.


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