David Ogden Stiers

For most people, actor David Ogden Stiers is best remembered for “MASH,” numerous Disney projects (Beauty and the Beast), and a long list of notable television and film roles.

However, most magic fans will know that Stiers co-starred with Doug in the original Broadway production of “The Magic Show.” Playing the villainous and washed up magician Feldman, Stiers carved out such a notable performance that fans still speak of his role with awe and appreciation. In fact, his song “Style” has become one of the more famous and memorable songs in the musical!

David Ogden Stiers was one of those consummate actors that you see for years and years, but his name may escape you. Fortunately for us, his work on stage and screen lives on forever!

David Ogden Stiers (Right) in”The Magic Show”
David Ogden Stiers (Middle) in “The Magic Show.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    As a teenager I saw him in the Magic Show. I loved the show and had a great interest in Magic Hanging out at the Magic shops around Times Square at the time, Lou Tannens. When Time Square was that rough fun place with Nathans and Howard Johnsons. Flash forward I’ve been a working actor since 1983 and I sing STYLE as an audition song. It gets me a lot of work! Thanks for the inspiration Mr. Stiers…and Mr. Henning and Mr. Schwartz


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