Orson Welles and “World of Magic” 1982

The name Orson Welles can conjure up many things for many people: a brilliant and visionary director, stirring voice overs, Paul Masson wine pitchman, and…a lover of magic? Magic lover? Yes you heard me correctly!

Other than filmmaking, Orson Welles held a passion for magic that he kept with him until the day he died. In fact, he was originally supposed to appear in 1974’s “World of Magic.” But, due to various unknown reasons this never transpired. However, if you can find an original “World of Magic” promotional poster with his name on it, you certainly will have a collectors item on your hands!

Anyway, while Orson Wellses never appeared physically with Doug, he was able to record this voice over for Doug’s very last special in 1982. It goes without saying that what you’re about to watch is surreal, very 80s and, well…pure Doug Henning! The  “Horses to Zebra” illusion itself is very much something to behold, and on top of that a clear testament to the love that Doug and Debby shared for each other. 

Now, if only all of us could have Orson Welles narrating our lives than what a perfect place it would be. Wouldn’t it?

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