Houdini’s Magic Magazine: Pictures

What a treat these pictures are! Flipping through the magazine, I was taken aback at how rare some of these shots are, especially of “The Magic Show” itself. 

For those with an eagle-eye, yes that is not Doug in the title role. By that point Doug had left the show for greener television and touring pastures, leaving Joe Abaldo as the star. This would be a frequent occurrence during the show’s run, and some would understandably say that the show lost a bit of its original luster without him there. 

However, what we do have here is a great snapshot into the second golden age of magic!

Water Torture Article
Water Torture Article
Water Torture Article
Water Torture Article
The Magic Show-Joe Abaldo
The Magic Show-Joe Abaldo
The Magic Show-Joe Abaldo
The Magic Show-Joe Abaldo
The Magic Show-Joe Abaldo
The Magic Show Cast

Special thanks to Aaron Langley.

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  1. Whitt Smith says:

    Used to really enjoy that magazine. I had this issue. 🙂


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