Why Doug Henning Matters…

What we know as modern magic would never have existed if it wasn’t for this simple and unassuming Canadian who had the vision to bring magic to the masses in a unique and totally different way. Without his influence on modern pop culture, the idea and concept of the “superstar” magician would never have existed…let alone continue to stretch well into the 21st century.

Yet for whatever reason, if you mention Doug Henning to the average person on the street they may not know who you’re talking about. If they do, his name may only vaguely trigger memories of a long haired and mustached 1970s hippie wearing rainbow spandex or glitter laden overalls cutting a woman in half. Why is that? Why is one of the most famous magicians of all time revered by some and largely forgotten by others?

Enter “The Doug Henning Project.” This ongoing blog intends to bring Doug Henning to the masses once again. Beginning with interviews with his master designers, professional acquaintances, and magician admirers, this will be an active forum where a greater understanding and appreciation for the work of Doug Henning will be found.

Doug himself was very fond of using the word “wonder.” He used it repeatedly to not only describe the magic in his act, but life itself. So, using that concept as a springboard, “The Doug Henning Project” will be the place where:


Join us tomorrow for the first part of our interview with Milt Larsen,  founder of Hollywood’s esteemed “Magic Castle!”



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